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Life Inside Media is a Video Production Agency committed to contributing positively to whatever we take up. We empower brands through result-driven Ad Films, Motion Graphics Animation, and all kinds of long and short-form Audio Visual Content. We also help filmmakers, content creators and creative agencies to bring their vision to life with technical and artistic support through the various stages of filmmaking. Read More

What We Do

We double up as a production house and an ad agency. On one hand, we help brands meet various objectives including branding, engagement, product awareness, promotions, and sales. On the other, we support filmmakers in various roles right from scripting to shooting and post-production.

Whatever we do, we ensure that our work is infectious, original, and delivered at speed.

What We Can Do For You

Film Production

Whether it is a documentary, feature film, short film, web series, or brand film, we help you tell your story with our video production capabilities. Technically strong, and creatively adept, the end output you get from us is polished and purposeful.

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We help to ensure that your images say exactly what you need them to. Whether it is a product-focused approach, or simply an aesthetic view, we create the best frames and gripping perspectives on-ground and from the air.

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Digital and Television Advertisements

If you are looking to connect with your audience and bring in value to your business, we help you do it through impactful DVCs and TVCs. We keep you and your communication at the centre and support it with the best visual tools.

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We help you transport your audiences to the centre of a narrative, giving them a highly immersive and seamless experience. Our life-like 360° photos and videos, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augment reality) will take your viewers where you want them to go.

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Social Media Content

We help you strengthen your digital presence, connect with the right audiences, engage your community, and showcase your business with tailor-made video content. Right from Reels, Shorts, Testimonials, GIFs, and Performance Marketing Ads., we do it all.

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Film Production

If you have an idea you want to expand, or just the urge to create something interesting, we can help you build your short film, feature film, documentary, web series or even a microfilm, from scratch.

We can help nurture a seed of your thought into a full-grown tree with research and planning.

And we can also create a blueprint for its successful and smooth execution with our pre-visualization and pre-production support.

Life Inside Media continues to be the top agency for Video Production based on client reviews.

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